43 Years of experience

Since 1976, we have started by a constant struggle and a hectic race to achieve advanced positions in the field of contracting, we have gone through all the stages, we have passed the odds, and we have made it to become a part of our daily life that is indispensable.

Pioneers in contracting and construction

It is not easy to take the lead in a large and challenging sector such as the contracting sector and will not pass the intense competition except by excellence. Long experience and high quality with the use of the latest technologies and mechanisms guaranteed for us an advanced leadership position. Our ability to execute projects, no matter how large and high quality, has strengthened our position as one of the important and essential pillars of the constructing sector in the Kingdom.

Development and Training

Investing is the most successful investment ever, as well as our principle of selectivity in selecting competencies is based on personal skills such as positive, striving for continuous training and embracing core values such as cooperation and credibility, we build efficiency of our team, the career development was one of their rights, as we were keen to hone their skills and continue to provide a healthy working environment and adopt a policy of motivation, all to ensure their comfort thus to get the maximum productivity and quality as this is what we gain.

Innovative and effective solutions

Our research and development team is taking care of this task, the traditional solutions are no longer satisfying our ambitions. Technical and technological methods are in spectacular twist which inspire us to offer solutions and services which satisfy our passion, and therefore, expect to hear what the unexpected, and see what you don’t imagine, but you will be definitely happy with it.

Our works is a testament to our uniqueness

For decades, the milestones we have accomplished tell our story and attest to our excellence and the chapters of success that continue to renew every day and in every corner of our dear homeland.