General Manager's Word

The beginning was just a dream, then it comes true… thanks to Allah The Almighty always and to the efforts of the loyal employees of Tuhama Contracting Company.
We have crossed the odds and achieved successes after success until we reached the forefront of the elite of companies in the kingdom, we did not spare any effort to keep our position in the forefront. The kingdom has accompanied economic development through modern and sophisticated methods that have helped to attract investors and increase the economic activity in the country, so we have been eager to continuously develop to raise the efficiency of the company with the policies and strategic plans we aspire.
Since we started in Tuhama contracting to practice our business and reputation grows among our customers as one of the most prominent companies in the kingdom. The quality of performance on all levels and the satisfaction that we feel from our clients are the basis of our success and proud to stand behind it. Our team works in one spirit, each one of them has a strong sense of responsibility and a power to offer the best efforts they can. Today in Tuhama contracting, we have established our principles based on making the concept of quality a sole option for ranging from work in projects requiring civil works such as roads, bridges and complex metal and concrete structures, to prestigious construction projects such as Air Base Infrastructures, University buildings, Technical Colleges Buildings, Various Ministry Buildings, and Sports facilities that it is characterized by high quality. In addition to the specialized infrastructure works to provide the best services to our customers, who believe in our power and our capabilities in fulfilling our obligations under all circumstances, as they trust that the result they receive will be above their level of expectations.